Travel Insurance

Los Angeles Guest Suites highly recommends that all travelers, for their protection and peace of mind, insure themselves against Trip Cancellation, Medical and Baggage loss. A brief summary of coverage is provided in below. If you decide to take the travel insurance you will be sent a form to sign, which must be sent back to Los Angeles Guest Suites. This will confirm that you are in fact covered.

Preferred Benefits–Summary of Coverages

Part A – Benefits

Trip Cancellation / Interruption

Pays up to Trip Cost (maximum $10,000 per Traveler) for non-refundable payments/deposits if the Trip is canceled prior to departure, or any unused land or sea arrangements and up to a one-way economy airfare to return home or rejoin the Trip, if the Trip is interrupted or cancelled after departure.

Covered Reasons – Cancellation/Interruption must be due to a covered reason such as injury, sickness, death or due to Other Covered Events, such as: Air carrier delay due to strike; cancellation of arrangements by an airline, cruise line or tour operator due to strike or Financial Insolvency; a traffic accident while en route to a departure; jury duty; destruction of a residence by a natural disaster; a documented theft of passports or visas; a terrorist act in a departure, connecting or destination city that occurs within the 30 days before or after the Scheduled Departure for the Trip.

Part B – Benefits

$25,000 Medical Expense / Emergency Assistance

Covers medical expenses incurred within one year of an injury or sickness suffered during the Trip; emergency dental treatment by a dentist during the Trip; evacuation and transportation as directed by a physician to the nearest adequate medical facility, to the insured’s U.S. residence; expenses for a Physician recommended escort; or, in the event of death, transportation of the remains home.

24-Hour Assistance – provides physician and hospital referrals, medical monitoring, guarantee of medical payments and communication with friends or family during an emergency.

$500 Trip Delay

Covers additional accommodation and traveling expenses up to $100 per day (maximum $500) when the trip is delayed 12 hours or more due to a covered reason such as: Common carrier delay, lost or stolen documents, sickness, or injury.

$1000 Baggage / Travel Documents / Baggage Delay

Covers up to $1,000 loss or damage to baggage, personal effects and travel documents during the Trip. A $100 benefit is included for the purchase of additional clothing and personal articles when baggage is delayed more than 24 hours.

$25,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Covers death and loss of limb or eyesight within 365 days of an accident.

Conditions and Limitations

Certain exclusions and limitations apply and are detailed in the Description of Coverages brochure. For example, coverage does not apply to: Any sickness or condition of an Insured, a traveling companion or immediate family member traveling with the Insured, that existed during the 60 days prior to the effective date of the coverages; suicide; mental or nervous disorders; normal pregnancy; war or any acts of war; Financial Insolvency of the company who the Insured made direct payment to for the Trip; or Financial Insolvency that occurs within 14 days following premium payment. A Traveling Companion is defined as a person booked to share the same room or cabin during the Trip.

Important: Time Sensitive Provisions

The exclusion for Pre-Existing Conditions is waived, provided premium for this policy is received no later than 14 days after the initial deposit/payment for the Trip and no insured person is disabled from travel when the premium is paid.

The Trip Cancellation/Interruption benefits for Financial Insolvency (default/bankruptcy) and for certain terrorist acts are included, provided premium for the policy is received no later than 14 days after the initial deposit/payment for the Trip.